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4 Highly-Rated Netflix Shows to Help Beat the Cold

Now that the cold weather has set in, it’s that time of year again – Netflix binging season! Here are our favourite new series that are sure to bring the heat.

The Haunting of Hill House

We’re sure you’ve heard of this terrifying series by now, it is supposed to be one of the scariest shows out there. It’s based on the Shirley Jackson novel about a group of children who grew up in a haunted house. In the series, the kids are now adults and they are forced to face the ghosts of their past. Watch a trailer to get a sense of just how disturbing this series gets. Its hour long episodes are sure to have you in its grips and forgetting all about the flying snow.


This series will definitely get your blood flowing. The story is centred around a family who has to relocate to the Ozarks, in order to map out a new plan to pay the Mexican Drug Cartel after a money laundering scheme goes very wrong. There are currently two season out on Netflix right now and there will be more to follow, as the story gets more interesting each episode. Fair warning: most people who start watching this series can’t stop.

The Good Place

This quirky series follows a group of people who have died and gone to the supposed ‘good place’, but as the series continues they begin to realize that maybe they aren’t in the right place. There are two seasons available on Netflix right now and are perfect for when you’re looking for a good laugh.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

For those of you who were huge fans of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this is not anything like that. Aside from the same characters, this series takes a darker view of Sabrina’s story. Having just come out on Netflix, its already a huge hit, and you’ll be hooked by the second episode.


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