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5 Expert Tips on Men’s Grooming from Kanata’s Classic Canadian Barbershop

The barbershop is a classic North-American staple and was a cultural icon from the early nineteenth century through the late 1960s. And now it’s making a huge, and trendy, comeback. Roosters Men’s Grooming Center offers a retro, authentic barbershop experience but in a modern and upscale environment. We sat down with Fadi Abourahal, a current employee and long-time barber, in order to find out the essential tips and tricks regarding the upkeep of the modern man.


Get your hair cut at least every four weeks

If you’re wondering how often you should head in for a cleanup, it depends on how fast your hair grows – the slower it grows, the less often you have to make the trip. On average though, most men come in once every four weeks says Fadi. The Roosters Club Cut is the perfect place to start, providing you with a personal consultation, precision haircut, shampoo massage, and hot-towel treatment. This is finished off with a style, a brush of powder on the neck, and a splash of aftershave.


If you can’t commit to this, at least get a tune up  

We know the modern man is super busy. So even though former Ottawa Senators Forward Chris Neil comes in to Roosters like clockwork to see Fadi every four weeks, we understand that you may not be able to make that commitment. That’s exactly why they offer the Neck Trim – specifically to keep you looking sharp between appointments. This shouldn’t take you more than fifteen minutes and it’s free for regular customers!


You can take 10 years off your look in 10 minutes!

Are you noticing a few (or a lot) of grey hairs sprinkled throughout those lovely locks of yours? Don’t freak out! With the Color Camouflage Service, a demi colour is used, meaning that those pesky greys will be blended away into the color of your choice. The camouflage treatment is so popular because, unlike the constant upkeep of a regular colour, it slowly fades out naturally, so you don’t see any demarcation between regrowth. All this is to say that with this you won’t need to rush right back in as soon as your roots start to grow out.  


Aveda’s Men Pure-formance Liquid Pomade will change your life

If part of your hair routine is using gel, hairspray, or any kind of styling product, you’re going to throw them straight into the bin as soon as you pick up Aveda’s Pomade. On top of the sweet scent, Fadi’s fav product gives enough hold and a little bit of shine without all that greasy texture. A lot also goes a long way and it doesn’t leave any of that yucky buildup on your hair. If you’re dead set on adding something else to finish off your look, hairspray can be used at the very end for a little lasting extra hold.


The Retro Shave isn’t just a shave

The $45 price tag attached to this might seem a bit steep. But this isn’t your regular old foam-and-go, straight razor shave, which a lot of guys avoid anyways because of irritation. At Roosters there are actually seven curated and unique steps involved, and according to Fadi, no other salon or barbershop does this the same way.


Roosters is the kind of place where you can chat and catch up. At the same time there’s also the option for privacy since every barber takes care of their client one-on-one. Most importantly, it’s the place to get a fine haircut and a classic shave. It’s a bit akin to a local social club, and they’ve created an atmosphere that keeps clients coming back. More info on Roosters hair salon can be found here.

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