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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Digestion Today

Poor digestion can curb your energy, affect your sleep, keep you bloated and cause you pain. No matter what your health regime, there is almost always something more you can do to further improve your digestion and notice some serious improvements in your mojo. Try these 5 easy tips that will help you improve your digestion asap.


Stop Stress in its Digestive Tract


If you’re constantly stressing, your body is too. Managing stress will help to improve the way your body manages your digestion. For that reason, poor digestion can also be an indication of stress even when you aren’t conscious of it.

Change The Way You Chew

The next time you go to eat, be conscious of how well you chew your food and how fast you eat. We’re usually wolfing down our breakfasts and lunches, but if you want to try and improve digestion (which will ease bloating and gas, and give you more energy), try to make sure you’re chewing all of your food and eating at a reasonable pace. This will help you avoid that full and sleepy feeling after meals.


Balance Your Stomach Acid

Stomach acid is what helps to break down your food, so low levels of it are detrimental to your digestion and to breaking down proper nutrients. (It can also increase your risk of food poisoning). But too much stomach acid can cause heartburn, pain and other serious issues in the lining of your stomach. It’s no surprise that stomach acidity, just like any acidity, needs to be balanced in order to work to its full potential.


An easy way to help this happen is to dilute 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a small cup of water to drink before meals. Apple cider vinegar has a low PH level and is the one and only alkaline-promoting vinegar. It improves digestion and in turn balances our stomach acidity.

Cut The Midnight Snack


Eating after 7:00 PM is really hard on your digestive system. Because most of us do it, cutting the late night snack is a really easy way to give your digestive system a break and see some great results in your energy levels and quality of sleep.

Help Your Hydration

You may make an effort to drink water, but do you monitor how hydrated you are? Sugary and caffeinated drinks and salty foods may mean you need to up your water intake. Not getting enough water reduces hydration and may affect your digestion, cognitive function and energy supply. Keep dehydrating foods and drinks to a minimum, amp up your water intake, and you will notice a difference.


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