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5 New Things To Do At Home

Let’s face it: this winter, you’ll be spending a lot of time at home. We’ve brainstormed 5 new ideas for at-home entertainment and new experiences to enjoy with your SO, your roommates, or the whole family.

Have A Cook-Off

Make dinner much, much more exciting by hosting a cooking competition. Decide on a dish, gather up two (or more) rounds of the same ingredients, set a timer, and face off against the other family foodie. It’s always best to have a judge (or many, hungry judges) who can enjoy the fruits of your labour and declare a winner.

Host A Cocktail Competition

If cooking isn’t quite your thing and you’d rather compete in the art of mixology, then host a cocktail competition. Each participant will concoct their favourite cocktail (usually best to have the same base alcohol), and a panel of judges will sample and declare a favourite. Or, will declare that all are favourites.

Plan An Old Photo Night

Tired of watching movies? Plan a night to sit down with family and go through old photos. You won’t just be watching a slideshow of pictures and videos, you’ll be revisiting old memories and long-forgotten stories for hours.

Bet On A Casino Night

Pop-up Casino, anyone? Play (or learn) your favourite classic casino games with your partner or family. Unlike a regular card game night, decide on a currency for your casino chips (which can be found at the dollar store). Instead of cold hard cash, currency can be candy, IOUs for taking out the garbage or cooking or buying the authority to choose where your next uber eats dinner is from.

Try An At-Home Paint Night

A perfect activity for the not-so-crafty to explore their inner artist, grab a glass of wine, a paint set and canvas from Michael’s, and enjoy hours of listening to good music and attempting to recreate a masterpiece. The person with the best finished-product is declared the winner.

Experience An At-Home Wine Tasting

A great date night, family gathering, or roommate bonding date, have everyone pitch the same amount of money and pick up a variety of 4-5 different wines or craft beers. Sample the wines/beer in order of dry to sweet or light to dark, and spend some time tasting and discussing each.

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