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A Guide To Gifting For Your Dog

Here are some buys that both you and your furball will enjoy. 

Pet Portrait

A personalized portrait is a great choice for a dignified dog or any pet with personality. Immortalize your pup by putting their face on a renaissance figure, or a real painting of their face. All of these options can be ordered online, and are based on real pictures of your pets. 

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Dog Door Bell

For the potty-trained dog who scratches the door when he wants out, a doggy doorbell is a fun and furniture-friendly alternative. It’s an easy-to-use doorbell for your doggo to ring when she wants outside. It’s completely wireless and sound-penetrating. Check out this one from

Couch Blanket

For the dog who owns the couch, an ultra-lux, waterproof blanket is the perfect way to up their lounging game while protecting your couch from dog-related wear-and-tear. The blanket is designed to perfectly cover a dog’s couch territory, be ultra-comfy, and easy to wash. 

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Petcube Smart Cube

For the dog who has long shifts standing guard at home, alone, the Petcube gives them the gift of in-house entertainment. It’s a way for you to interact with, and entertain your doggo right from work: by chatting them up, dispensing treats, and playing a chase-the-light game, all from your phone. 

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DNA My Dog

Want to know more about where your dog comes from? The DNA My Dog Testing get is an amazing way to learn. The pain-free cheek swab test can be completed at home and sent away. Then, you’ll get a report on the breeds found by percentage, a certificate of authenticity, and the general health concerns and personality traits found in those breeds. You can find them at

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