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5 Products You Need to Get You Through The Last Weeks Of This Cold, Ottawa Winter

As February is coming to an end, we are one month away from warmer days. This winter has been one of the coldest in years, dipping well below the -30s in January. With a few more snowy days ahead, there’s still time to make winter weather more bearable with these 5 items from Preston Hardware, Canada’s largest independent hardware store that has been a part of the Ottawa community for over 75 years.


Ice Cleats

As spring begins to fit its way forward, melting ice that freezes during the night will make for skating rinks in driveways. A pair of ice cleats can make the morning walk to your car easier and safer. The cleats slide on easily to any outer footwear and provide extra grip when shovelling, walking the dog, or venturing to your car early AM.


Lighted Toque


With daylight savings time kicking in this week, sunrise will start at 7 am, but it will still be fully dark at 7:30 pm, leaving many shovelers, walkers, outdoor adventurers to dwell in the dark. An led-lighted toque serves multiple purposes for these remaining days of winter. The light has three brilliance settings, and can run for up to 8 hours on low and 2 hours on high.


Heated Midweight Base Layer


Heated layers do exist, and they’re the perfect solution to your winter woes. The Milwaukee heated Workskin Midweight Base Layer is perfect for those who work outside, but can be used for outdoor chores and adventures, too. The carbon fiber heating elements evenly distribute heat to the chest and back, and are controlled by a one-touch LED switch, for two heat settings.


Heated Jacket


If you’re looking for a heftier heat solution, grab a heated TOUGHSHELL Jacket, powered by Mi12 RedLithium Batteries. Heat is distributed to your chest, back, front, and hand pockets to keep you cozy in the elements, with up to three powerful heat settings. There’s also a quick heat function for powering up your jacket three times faster. The jackets are incredibly durable and resistant, and a great for outdoor work or play.


Toe Warmers


If your feet are prone to freezing, then toe warmers are an easy solution that deliver small but mighty benefits to your digits. The Dentec Toe Warmers deliver instant heat for 6 hours, are air-activated, and made with all-natural ingredients.


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