5 Of The Best Movies To Watch On St. Patrick’s Day (Instead Of Going Out)

You may not be able to get together with your group of party-goers to gulp some green beer tomorrow, but you can definitely binge-watch some themed movies. Almost the same, right?

Here’s a list of our favourite movies that are St. Patrick’s Day – approved.

1. Leap Year


In this 2010 rom-com, Amy Adams plays Anna Brady, a woman who is tired of waiting for her boyfriend to propose and decides to take matters into her own hands. She travels across Ireland to find him and propose on February 29th, but isn’t prepared for what she finds.



2. Leprechaun 


If romance and comedy aren’t part of your usual St. Patty’s day celebrations, how about a murderous leprechaun hunting down a 24-year-old Jennifer Anniston and her family? That’s what you’ll get in the movie Leprechaun, an American slasher movie from 1993. (Also Jennifer’s film debut)


3. Luck of the Irish

This Disney channel original follows Kyle, a typical teenage jock and basketball star, who discovers that the gold coin he carries around for luck actually has a lot more meaning. It’s the only thing preventing him and his family from turning back into Leprechauns. When the coin is suddenly stolen, Kyle begins to shrink, talk with an Irish accent, and run out of luck on the court.

4. The Secret Scripture 


If you’re binge-watching must include romance, then watch The Secret Scripture. The Irish film follows an old woman whose psychologist helps her to recount her tumultuous past, detailed in her journals, that includes her love triangle with a fighter pilot and a priest, all set in Ireland.


5. Intermission


If you’re looking for Drama, Intermission (2003) has you covered for St. Patrick’s Day. The film follows several interconnected storylines of crime, love and hard decisions, set in Dublin. The movie features some of early 2000’s most popular Irish actors, including Cillian Murphy, Colin Farrell and Colm Meaney.



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