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5 Free Learning Websites For Everyone In The Family

While most families are preparing for two weeks of home time, digital entertainment options are endless; movies, games, and a whole host of ways to pass the time are at our fingertips. But why not use your at-home time to learn something new? Here are five websites that offer free courses in everything from business to science, for adults and kids alike.


Learn a New Language on Future Learn

Future Learn offers digital courses on a wide range of subjects (from Business & Management, to Science, to Language and Teaching) that are all free to access. The courses, which range from 2 to 3 weeks in duration with a commitment of about 3 hours per week, are developed by real universities and specialized schools around the world, with real instructors who are leading academics in their fields. Future Learn classes are all in real-time, and you can invite friends to join and learn with you via email or social media. You can comment and discuss with others in your class throughout the visible learning process.



Learn From Home With Scholastic

In response to school closures, Scholastic is providing free access to daily lessons for Kindergarten – Grade 6 and higher. The lessons include a video, a book and an activity, and scholastic will be releasing up to 15 days worth of more lessons to cover the the expected time that schools will be closed for.



Take a Virtual Tour of The Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History offers a virtual tour of its Canadian History Hall, where you can learn about the journey of Canada from its beginnings to present day. The virtual tour takes you through the hall’s exhibits, with a 360-view of displays and signs, all at your own pace. It’s the closest thing to touring an actual museum, without leaving your home.



Improve Your Workplace Skills With Alison


Alison is an online learning community of over 14 million people that offers courses to enhance workplace-based skills. You can find free and certified courses for specific jobs or, you can discover jobs through specific skills you learn. Alison’s goal is to help individuals enhance their economic wellbeing through workplace skills, and by doing so, enhancing the communities around them.




Learn Conflict Analysis and Crisis Management with the UN’s Training Institute


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR, offers a list of free courses in partnership with universities across the globe on current issues in science, law and politics and current issues like gender and the environment. These courses are presented in a way that are transferable to our everyday lives. While the organization’s primary mandate is to provide education and training to UN officials, these courses are open to the public.




Better Understand Your Website With Google Analytics

If you’re a business owner with a website, or you work in digital industry, understanding how to interpret your website’s analytics can help you to significantly increase traction and even leads.

Google Analytics offers free courses for both beginners and those looking for advanced knowledge of website tracking and tag management.



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