8 Canadian Travel Tips to Avoid Lost Luggage

The holiday season, while a great time to travel and reconnect can also be quite stressful. The days leading up to Christmas and New Year witness a surge in air travel, making it a peak period for airline activities, and unfortunately, luggage mishaps.

1st Move International claims that over 26 million bags were misplaced or lost during travel last year.

Here are 8 tips to safeguard your belongings during the holiday season.

Invest in a Luggage Tracker –

Invest in a high-quality GPS luggage tracker, such as Apple AirTags or Eufy SmartTrack Link. These devices will track your suitcase’s location from your phone, providing peace of mind and simplifying the process of locating lost luggage.

Some airlines, like Air Canada, also offer luggage tracking services on local flights.

Skip the Layover –

Choose direct flights whenever possible to minimize the risk of lost luggage. If layovers are unavoidable, opt for longer ones, allowing more time for baggage transfer and less errors from airport staff.

Pack Essentials in Your Carry On –

Pack essential items, such as medications, important documents, and a change of clothes, in your carry-on bag. This ensures that even if your checked luggage is temporarily lost, you have necessary items on hand.

Remove Old Tags –

Remember to check and remove old airline stickers and tags on your luggage. This makes it easier for airlines to identify the current route, reducing confusion and facilitating the return process.

Check-In Early –

We know getting to the airport earlier than necessary isn’t fun, but it is crucial. Arrive early for your flight to allow sufficient time for check-in and baggage handling. Checking in early reduces the chances of your luggage being mishandled in the rush of last minute preparations.

Keep Paper Copies –

Maintain a paper copy of your contact information and itinerary inside your luggage. In case airline tags fall off, this backup information helps with identification and facilitates the return of lost baggage quicker.

Take Pictures –

Capture clear pictures of your bags before your journey. This serves as a visual reference in case your luggage goes missing and can help establish ownership.

Travel Insurance –

Purchase travel insurance that includes coverage for lost or delayed baggage. This can provide financial compensation for essential items if your luggage is misplaced.

Are there any tips you think we missed?

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