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9 Things You Didn’t Know About CrossFit


1. Many CrossFit-curious people feel that they have to be in shape before they start, but that’s not true.

You can’t master heavy weights until you master the movements, which is why CrossFit should come first, regardless of the shape you’re in.

2. There is a huge emphasis on technique and proper form.

Once you have mastered the technique you can add more weight. The goal of CrossFit is to train movement patterns to turn energy into physical capability. This translates over to better posture and movement outside the gym as well.


3. Age is not a setback.


50-60-year-olds tend to be more cautious than younger people and can make dramatic gains in fitness because of this. There’s also no such thing as being too young, the OCR Academy in Ottawa has programs for kids as well.


4. Once you start CrossFit, you will notice a huge boost in energy, even when you’re super sore.

Why? Because you lose fat, and when you are dragging less fat around, you can actually breathe easier. The confidence and satisfaction that comes out of this are self-explanatory.


5. It teaches you how tough you are.


It’s not just physical training, it’s mental training as well. You will discover your own elemental motivators and desires. How? It will push you to your limits and show you what you are capable of enduring. Pushing yourself to your limits isn’t physically comfortable, however, it is satisfying afterwards and is like an allergy shot for stress.


6. Crossfit is based on the core movements of life.


This includes the best aspects of rowing, weight lifting, running, gymnastics, and other functional movements. Intensity is essential in this kind of work out, because the more work you put in in the less time, the more results you will achieve.


7. Many Crossfit gyms don’t have mirrors.


Why? Because they want you to focus on your technique, not what you look like in spandex. Crossfit emphasizes that body image isn’t everything – it’s about what you can do not what you look like when doing it!

8. CrossFit promotes long term health and prevents injury.

Functional movements are named function for a reason – they help us move more efficiently. Combined with a healthy diet, you will perform better in sports and your everyday life, and have more energy when you are older.


9. You can not hide your weakness from CrossFit, it will keep you honest and force you to attack what scares you.

When working out on your own, you often avoid what scares you, which brutally limits your progress. In other words, CrossFit will teach you not to “hate” the exercises that you find challenging, but to attack them instead.


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