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9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Rabbit

With Easter coming up this weekend, we take a look at some surprising facts about one of the most popular small pets in Canada.

  • Rabbits can turn their ears 180 degrees and pinpoint the exact location of a sound.


  • Baby rabbits are known as kittens.


  • They also “purr” when they’re content. It sounds similar to quiet teeth chattering.

  • Rabbits’ teeth never stop growing. That’s why they need hay and wooden toys to chew on so their teeth don’t get too long.


  • Even though they’re often thought of as a good “starter” pet, they actually require more attention and responsibility than other animal companions.


  • Carrots are not a natural part of their diet, contrary to what Bugs Bunny has taught us.


  • Rabbits have almost 360 degree vision.

  • They like their own space and can be very particular about their territory.


  • They are crepuscular, meaning they are the most active at dusk and dawn.


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