A Guide To Funeral Planning: Costs, Services and Advice from Tubman Funeral Homes

Throughout its 98-year lifespan, Tubman Funeral Homes has been responsible for a number of industry innovations, all aimed at creatively supporting grieving Ottawans and afflicted families and friends in surrounding areas.

Tubman’s recognized premium on personalized, convenient commemoration has spawned such conventions as rental caskets, reception centres, grief seminars, outdoor chapels, drive-thru funerals, aftercare, and estate settlement services, to name but a few. Tubman is also a cost-conscious operation. As such, Jamie Wells, one of Tubman’s resident pre-planning and funeral authorities, offers these insights on the current cost of funerals. 


The cost of a funeral can vary widely. An immediate cremation, for example, might cost $4,000, while a traditional funeral can run $12,000 or more. It all depends on the services that are included as part of the process. These options include Home Services, Casket or Urn, and Miscellaneous Expenses.

Service Charge

‘Home Services’ is a catch-all expression covering such necessities as embalming, preparation of the body, use of the funeral home facilities, staff, and the coordination of the service.  

Casket or Urn

The contrast between these alternatives can vary widely. The cost of each is dependent on material, design, and craftsmanship.  


Often, grieving families, caregivers, and other stakeholders opt for a number of add-ons, typically including public notices and cemetery charges.

Only a reputable, full-service funeral home is qualified to offer the proper, personalized form of commemoration for your loved one at an affordable price. That’s why for close to one hundred years, Ottawans have trusted Tubman. While Tubman has played a large part in modernizing the funeral experience, its fundamental principles remain the same: comfort, choice, affordability, flexibility, and compassion.

Tubman Funeral Homes

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