A Look at the Trendiest Fitness Classes In Ottawa This Spring

With warm weather just around the corner and the Ottawa snow (slowly) melting, the energy of the city is sparking to life. To help you ride the wave of anticipation and excitement, we’ve gathered up five of the trendiest fitness classes in Ottawa, where you can work up a sweat and clear out some of that stagnant winter energy to make room for spring.


The Ride at Wheelhouse Cycle Warehouse

Wheelhouse Cycle Warehouse is located in Little Italy and is Ottawa’s premier boutique spin studio. The workout emphasizes building strength and endurance in a 50 minute stationary bike cycling class, while keeping the energy high with a range of music and low lighting––creating a judgment free zone to work up a sweat. Cycling classes have been a huge trend in the fitness industry for some time, and this Ottawa class does not disappoint.


TBT Striking Class at Douvris

Douvris Martial Arts is a karate studio with various locations across Ottawa and Gatineau. Their total body training striking class is a kickboxing and boxing class that focuses on developing power and muscle density. This is a unique take on a full body workout which combines cardio with strength training, while prioritizing proper striking form and movement.


Iron Hour at Iron North Studios

This is a class for experienced weightlifters only. Iron North Studios, located on Somerset, is a fitness studio offering a variety of strength training and cardio classes, with Iron Hour being their most intense lifting class. Their site advertises the class as offering olympic style lifts for those who already are comfortable with weight lifting. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly option, their popular ‘Strength’ class works to develop the skills needed for Iron Hour.


Muay Thai at Ottawa Fight and Fitness

Muay Thai is referred to as the “art of eight limbs” for a reason––this close-combat practice is an entire body workout. Ottawa Fight and Fitness, located on Bank street, uses traditional methods to teach the art of Muay Thai, with each fitness class working to further hone your training in a fun, safe, and intense way. This is a great option if you’re looking to learn a new skill along with working up a sweat.



FRST Fitness is a studio located in Ottawa south, offering a variety of streamlined classes, categorized based on your needs and fitness interests. FRST FITT is their cardio circuit which is similar to a traditional high intensity interval training workout. This 50 minute class targets specific energy systems of the body with high intensity, leaving you feeling high energy and stronger than when you came.

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