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A Quick Reminder Of The Health Benefits of Laughter

Hey, you… going about your life without the faintest idea of when your next big, all-encompassing laugh will be. Here’s why you should schedule some time to laugh into that busy schedule of yours.


There’s Health Benefits To Humour

Whether it’s time with friends, an hour-long comedy special, or reading a comic novel, laughing on the regular has a ton of health benefits:

  • Laughing increases blood flow by up to 20%. It improves the function of blood vessels and can aid in lowering your risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • Laughing gives you a rush of endorphins. Those awesome little chemicals that help to reduce stress and anxiety, promote positivity and self-confidence, and can help reduce the symptoms of depression. Endorphins have also been shown to help regulate appetite. []
  • Laughing boosts your immune system. Like stress-relieving endorphins, new studies have shown that people who laugh more often have higher T cell and NK cell counts, two powerful players in the immune system. []


How To Laugh More

Scheduling laughter into your week is an easy way to benefit from its stress-relieving and immune-boosting benefits. Here’s how to start laughing more:

  • Schedule more time with friends and family.
  • Dig into comedy: find your favourite comedians and spend one evening watching a comedy special.
  • Join team-building activities and sports.
  • Find comic novels or satirical authors you like.

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