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A Realistic Ranking of Ottawa Beaches Open This Summer 

Via Attractions Ontario

After a record-breaking weekend with temperatures that felt like a mid-July heatwave, Ottawa’s beaches have had their first real weekend of popularity this year. Here’s our ranking of your Summer ’22 beach-day options, for the next time heat hits in the Capital.


  1. Westboro Beach 

Via Yelp

Simple – it’s closed. The Westboro beach needs some R&R this summer, and we’re all here for the safety and landscaping improvements. Think of the zero-rating as a placeholder, filled with the promise of a multi-use pathway. While it’s not the largest or most secluded beach, its convenient location will be missed this summer. 


  1. Mooney’s Bay 

Via Attractions Ontario

Next up is Mooney’s Bay, another conveniently located beach, but this one is actually open to the public. Sure, it’s not the most attractive of the bunch, but there is something to be said about having the basics down. Anyone who’s ever been here knows that during peak hours, sandy beach real estate gets crammed quickly. Going at less-trafficked times is key to attaining your inner peace here. 


  1. Petrie Island

Via Free

Located all the way out on Orleans’ Trim road, Petrie Island isn’t the beach within reach for most, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. An out-of-the-way destination like this draws less of a crowd than the more central locations, making it the beach less travelled and, in many eyes, more enjoyable. There are fewer people, so you’re able to sprawl out, and there’s less noise so that you can hear the water clearly. It’s not advisable to go swimming, but getting your day in the sun is easy. 


  1. Leamy Lake 

Via Instagram @giulygoogoo


While Gatineau’s Leamy Lake isn’t technically in Ottawa, it’s close enough. Sliding in at number three on the list is the largest urban park in the National Capital Region. As of last year, open water swimming is permitted, so not only can you enjoy the look of the beach, you can enjoy the feel of it too. The smaller-sized oasis makes it perfect for those wanting a little bit of privacy without sacrificing any of the views.


  1. Britannia Beach

Via Instagram @kshitij1593


Season after season Britannia Beach proves itself to be an Ottawa summer staple for good reason. The spacious spot is ideal for large groups, replete with picnic tables, barbeque pits, and volleyball nets. Whether you’re there to socialize or just watch the sailboats go by, it’s the only time you can use the words “out for lunch,” and it’s understood as a compliment. Yes, I’m looking at you, Baja Burger Shack. 



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