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A Summer of White Claw: Hard Seltzer Sales Continue To Soar, And Canadian-Owned White Claw Leads The Way

The popularity of low sugar, low alcohol hard seltzers has boomed in recent years; tripled, to be exact, as of 2019. And now, as a summer of small backyard gatherings and cottage weekends comes to a close, it’s obvious that the market is still well on its way to hitting a predicted $14.5 billion in sales by 2027


Privately-owned Canadian company Mark Anthony Group (founders of Mike’s Hard and Palm Bay) leads the way in the hard seltzers market with White Claw, holding 56% of the market share as of April, 2020. White Claw is a low cal, low carb spiked sparkling water with four flavours and some sneaky sales moves; they only sell variety packs, promoting buyers to stock up on their favourite flavors but ensuring they pay for all four. 


The variety works well for social gatherings, and White Claw’s popularity in Canada has only boomed amid the pandemic. (And don’t let the pink and orange colouring fool you, Mark Anthony Group reports that their sales skew slightly male.)


With companies like Molson Coors and Bud Light trying to capture some of White Claw’s market share, it’ll be interesting to see how the company maintains its over 300% surge in sales as of 2019 as the cold weather hits. 


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