Adam Sandler’s Highest Grossing Movies

Adam Sandler turns 52 today, and in honour of his birthday, we’re taking a look at the highest grossing Sandler films over his almost 32 year film career. Sandler was playing Smitty in the Cosby Show even before graduating from his New York Arts School in 1988, but had his first film debut in Going Overboard in 1989. 30 years and over 55 movies later, many of which produced by Happy Madison Productions, Sandler’s career as a screenwriter, producer, comedian and actor is one that movies are made of itself.

Although some of the highest grossing movies with Sandler’s name on them are his animated films like Hotel Transylvania, let’s take a look at his most successful acting movies at the box office.

Big Daddy $163,479,795

Sony Pictures released Big Daddy on June 25th 1999, almost 20 years ago. The film won Favorite Comedy Motion Picture at the People’s Choice Awards and was the first major theatrical film that featured twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

Grown Ups $162,001,186

Grown Ups was released on June 2th 2010 and also won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Comedy Movie. In this film Sandler stars alongside David Spade, Chris Rock, Maya Rudolph and so many more top tier actors.

The Waterboy $161,491,646

The Waterboy was released on November 6th 1998 where Sandler acted alongside Kathy Bates and Henry Winkler. Sandler received an MTV movie award for Best Comedic Performance in this movie.

The Longest Yard $158,119,460

This film was released on May 27 2005 as a remake of the 1974 The Longest Yard. Starring Adam Sandler, this remake also featured Chris Rock and, rapper, Nelly.

Click  $137,355,633

Frank Coraci, who was known for his work with Adam Sandler, directed this comedy/drama. The film was released on June 22nd 2006 and won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Comedy Movie.

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