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Are Sweet Potatoes Really Better For You Than White Potatoes?

The sweet potato versus white potato debate has been ongoing in the health and wellness conversation for some time. It seems there’s always a new reason to make the switch from the classic white potato to it’s fibre-rich counterpart. But is one really better than the other? Here’s what experts have to say.


It should be stated that the white potato is not inherently unhealthy–rather quite the opposite: both sweet and white potatoes have excellent health benefits, including high percentages of your daily recommended fiber, carbs, vitamins B6 and C. Both are comparable in their calorie and fat value, though white potatoes offer more potassium, whereas sweet potatoes offer high percentages of vitamin A.


The main factor that sets a sweet potato apart from the humble white potato is their high antioxidant levels, which contributes to fighting free radicals in the body and has been linked to a decreased risk of cancers and other diseases. Antioxidants can help protect cells and promote longevity and overall health–so while white potatoes are not an unhealthy option by any means, sweet potatoes offer these additional benefits, which makes them the top carb choice for those who are health-conscious.


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