Looking For Proven Anti-Aging Hacks? Try These Exercises, Backed By Science

Everyone knows that healthy and graceful aging is a hot topic in the wellness and fitness industry. There always seems to be a new diet, fad, or skincare product that promises to turn back the clock and reverse the signs of aging–many without scientific evidence to back up the claim. However, research consistently suggests that the most effective ways to combat the signs and symptoms of aging are through maintaining consistent pillars of health into your mature years. These are the pillars you’re most likely already familiar with: a healthy, balanced diet, prioritizing sleep in your routine, and of course–consistent exercise.


While these fundamentals of good health remain unwavering, new research has shown that the type of exercise you do can actually have an effect on the symptoms of aging, with a handful of activities reaping greater anti-aging benefits than others.



An important aspect of maintaining good health is taking care of your immune system. While this has much to do with your diet and lifestyle, recent studies have found that cycling can improve your immune system, with those who made cycling a regular habit shown to have immune systems consistent with younger individuals. It’s stated by researchers that similar activities like running and swimming can have a similar benefit, as long as consistently practiced.



Get healthy–and have fun while doing it. New research has found that both dancing and strength training can prevent cognitive decline and aid in improving balance. The social aspect of dancing also helps to keep the mind young and forming connections.



High intensity interval training has shown in recent studies to benefit the body not only in an aesthetic way through the toning of muscles, but on a cellular level. The research has found that practicing regular HIIT workouts can decrease cellular degeneration in senior populations. According to this research, HIIT has shown the most all-around positive benefits for adults over 50, and is the top recommended addition to the senior lifestyle to increase longevity and decrease the signs of aging.


Aerobic Exercise

According to new research, just six months of consistent aerobic exercise can significantly decrease cognitive degeneration in senior adults, with verbal fluency–which refers to the ability to recall events–increasing by nearly 3% in those surveyed and mental flexibility by over 5%. Try adding a 30 minute walk into your schedule just three times per week to reap the benefits of this anti-aging hack.

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