Average Home Price In 2023 In Ottawa

In recent years, the Ottawa housing market has seen some noticeable changes and not for the better. While Ottawa continues to grow, and new properties are being developed, the current landscape in the housing market continues to increase. 

Recent research shows that the average sold price for all property types stands at $660,836, which shows a 2.2% decrease in the past month. However, this decrease is a juxtaposition against a 5.9% increase in the average sold price over the previous year. Which shows a resilient and appreciating current market.

When breaking down the statistics by property type, single-family homes exhibit a current average sold price of $810,319, showing a 1.2% decrease in the last month. Over the past year, though, these homes have experienced a 4.8% increase in value, emphasizing the overall positive trajectory in the market. On the other hand, townhouses have seen a recent 6.0% decrease in average sold prices (currently at $517,909), with a 1.7% decrease in the last 12 months. This suggests a potential opportunity for buyers in this segment.

Apartments, with an average sold price of $465,568, have witnessed a 4.4% increase in the past month, indicating a short-term positive trend. However, over the last year, there has been a 1.4% decrease in their average sold prices, illustrating a nuanced scenario in this property category. It’s essential for investors and prospective homeowners to consider these trends carefully when navigating the Ottawa housing market.

Transaction volumes, a key indicator of market activity, have seen fluctuations across all property types. Single-family home transactions have experienced a notable 13.7% decrease in the past month and a 17.3% decrease over the last 12 months. Townhouse transactions, despite a recent 15.3% decrease, show a 1.7% increase in the yearly comparison. Apartments have seen a 7.8% decrease in the past month and a 13.4% decrease over the last 12 months. These transactional trends highlight the evolving nature of the Ottawa housing market, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and adaptable in real estate decisions.

The Ottawa housing market remains dynamic, with fluctuations in average sold prices and transaction volumes across different property types. Buyers and sellers alike should closely monitor these trends, seeking professional advice to make informed decisions in this ever-changing real estate landscape.


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