Being Hangry… What Causes It, How to Avoid it

‘Hangriness’ (that special kind of angriness that comes out only when you’re also hungry), is a worldwide phenomenon. The co-occurrence of these two states is unmistakable, but what’s the science behind it?


The main cause of ‘Hangriness’ is a hormonal response triggered by hunger’s low blood sugar levels. When those levels drop (from a lack of glucose in your bloodstream), it can trigger the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol causes weakness, fatigue, and agitation. Low blood sugar can also trigger the release of adrenaline. This mix can leave you unable to focus and especially irritable. 


Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced is the key to avoiding the grasp of Hangriness. You can do this by making sure to eat several smaller meals throughout the day (around every 4 hours), staying hydrated, and choosing fatty snacks over protein snacks (think nuts, yogurt, and hummus).


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