Chris Allard Mortgage Team

Photo by Sean Sisk

Professional, Prompt and Popular.

“Our team is known for having some of the nicest brokers with whom to work,” beams Chris Allard, founder of the eponymous and highly recognized Chris Allard Mortgage Team.

We’re well respected by lenders and industry peers. We’re known for our creative solutions and high level of communication. We help all types of residential borrowers, as well as those building large multi-residential portfolios. We also help people with bruised credit and clients looking for construction financing.”

Small wonder, given the range and success rate of their assistance, that the office trophy case is at capacity.

“Our team has been recognized by so many awards,” Chris affirms, going on to offer a partial inventory: “The Consumer Choice Award, the Quality Business Award, the Best in Ottawa Award—and let’s not forget that I was voted the city’s Best Mortgage Broker by Faces Magazine in 2023,” he adds cheekily. Chris has also been in the top 75 in Canada for a number of years as one of the brokers with the most loan volume and was a finalist in the Canadian Mortgage Awards in 2022 for Best Mortgage Broker in the entire country.

Photo by Sean Sisk

So, how does a sports-loving Orleans boy (he’s still there, with his wife and two-year-old daughter) grow to become the exemplary head of an exemplary mortgage broker team?

“It starts,” he advises, “with being an authentic person who will get the job done. The mortgage broker and their team should be effective communicators who have the borrowers’ best interest at heart.”

As proof, Chris spotlights the members of his team: “Phil, my brother, is the captain when it comes to getting pre-approvals done. He speaks with most of our clients and ensures all home buyers are pre-approved and educated on the mortgage financing process. He does this with the support of our pre-approval underwriter, Jason. Matt does most of the underwriting to get files approved. He also has many of the mortgage planning calls to help borrowers pick a mortgage, rate, term and lender. Laurie and Denise are our rocks.

They make sure all mortgage conditions are satisfied and that all files are funded in a timely manner. By the end of the process, clients want to be lifelong friends with Laurie and Denise. Haley handles the administrative side. She works fast and efficiently. She’s amazing.”

Chris’ enthusiasm isn’t reserved for his hardworking co-workers. It’s an extension of his palpable passion for his profession. “I love to celebrate when a borrower gets approved for their loan,” he reveals. “I also love to celebrate when the mortgage gets funded. Getting a mortgage is a milestone.

As one of the most highly respected, best mortgage brokers in Ottawa, the Chris Allard Mortgage Team provides residential, commercial, private and bad credit mortgages. Photo by Sean Sisk

When we do renew, refinances, or debt consolidations, we’re generally helping the borrower ensure that they’re doing financial planning properly. An equally exciting part of our job is helping the many realtors, financial planners, and lawyers that we work with. It’s a joy to help them and their clients.”

Not to mention other members of the greater Ottawa community. The long list of charitable organizations Allard and company have helped in the past includes Matthew House, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, the Ottawa Humane Society, Youth Services Jeunesse… even the Barrhaven Mixed Slo-Pitch League.

The brokerage’s first priority, however, remains Ottawa’s homebuyers. 2024 is proving especially challenging for them. As always, though, Allard is at the ready with constructive advice: “Buy now if you can!” he urges. “Many economists maintain that we’ll see rates improve for borrowers. This could trigger an environment where there are many potential buyers competing for homes. Act sooner rather than later!”

Wise words—but try doing it without an expedient infrastructure. Fortunately, no one has to. Chris and company pride themselves on pace, helping clients take advantage of the market before it becomes too competitive. The Allard Team keeps in constant touch with all related parties, promptly responds to phone calls and emails, and gets files approved at astonishing speed. At Allard, quick turnaround time has always been a point of pride—now, though, it’s more important than ever.

When Chris isn’t busy closing deals, you’ll find him enjoying quality time with his family—that or watching his beloved Ottawa Senators, for whom he’s had season’s tickets forever.  But his top priority remains helping the largest percentage of local families possible. Though he’s still in his early thirties, already, Chris has assisted over 2,500 of them. “Our entire team is proud of that,” says Chris—and he, in turn, of them.

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