Cristina Landsburg of Blue Eye Astrology – A Special Talent

Midnight, April 1, 2022.

That was the hour at which Cristina Landsburg, the Romanian-born resident of Carp, Ontario, gave birth to Blue Eye Astrology, honoring the Roma gypsy tradition of her lineage.

The gypsy tarot is considered the most powerful divination system in the realm of clairvoyance. Whatever answers you’re seeking, Landsburg boasts the innate ability to uncover them through the cards. As such, she’s as much a healer as a reader. “I dig into people’s subconscious,” she explains. “I help people. I change their lives, whether they know it at the time or not.” In the event you’re not familiar with this ancient practice, the tarot deck is an artful collection of playing card-sized images with suits consisting of swords, wands, cups, and pentacles. Each offers a commentary on a different aspect of one’s life. Oracle cards, in which Landsburg is equally versed, are generally less detailed and more concerned with someone’s present state of being. People often request oracle readings to determine which aspects of their lives they should shift their energy to.

As early as age five, Landsburg felt the pull of her life’s calling. “I can still recall a bright sunny day in the yard of our home.” Back then, the Canadian couple that had adopted her had made a home on Vancouver Island. Cross-country stops in Perth, Carleton Place, and Lanark would follow. “I remember thinking, ‘I want to have my own tarot deck.’” It wasn’t till she was almost thirty, however, that she was inspired by online chat groups who shared her interest in spiritual matters to trade her day job for a full-time career as an astrologist and psychic.

Landsburg began by helping fellow adoptees with their birth charts, before making full use of her gifts to offer a variety of related services. Her clients, typically, are fellow astrology lovers. “I help them better understand things,” Landsburg explains, “the basics of what each planet does, how it affects their life. Sometimes it’s romance, work, dreams.” A woman of many talents, Landsburg also offers life coaching and matchmaking services. She considers the first spiritual work too, as she delves someone’s emotional equilibrium to determine which practices, including yoga and meditation, might allow them to properly make the life transition they are looking for. It’s advice gleaned from her voracious reading, wisdom she’s appropriated from other clients, and her own experiences. “I am mostly just their supporter,” she says, “and I love it. I help heal people, which in turn heals me.”

That said, not all of her advice, while honest, is welcome. “Most of the time the result is gratitude and appreciation. Sometimes, though, I lose people because I’m right and they can’t handle it. So, I keep low vibrations out. “Matchmaking is a newer aspect of her business, but that too is enjoying success. It’s mostly clients second-guessing prospective relationships, on which Landsburg is happy to weigh in. “I am generally able to tell how a situation might go after a bit of discussion with the person and call the outcome.” And again, some are happy to hear her news, others not—but as Landsburg maintains, such things are ruled by forces greater than ourselves.

Right now, you can access Blue Eye Astrology through Landsburg’s online shingle of choice, Facebook. But she has plans to expand her presence in the future: “I wish to go live on stage. That’s my goal: to have a group of people come hear me talk on a wider scale.” Meanwhile, there’s also her writing. She’s a prolific blogger and poet, who can “write for days.” Even there, though, her original talent shines. “I incorporate astrology into my blogs as much as I can, to keep my followers interested. I talk about whatever comes to mind: what I’m personally dealing with or how things feel energy-wise. My writing process is on the spot, abrupt—like an Aries” (that said, Landsburg is a Taurus sun, Scorpio moon, and Cancer ascending). Whatever your sign, whatever your curiosity, whatever your state of being, Landsburg can offer the elucidation you need to make the necessary changes in your life. It’s a gift—one which, while having absorbed the famous modesty of her adopted country, the gypsy-hearted Landsburg is most proud. “I don’t flaunt it like many,” she confesses, “but I am special.”

By Dan Lalande

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