Discover the Importance of a Financial Plan

Michael and Adam Prittie of Prittie Private Wealth/Mandeville Private Client

There are numerous proven benefits of having a written financial plan. It is very difficult to achieve financial security without understanding what is needed, and a financial plan helps you set and reach your goals.


Studies have shown that people with clear goals are 10 times more likely to succeed. Your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals should balance and align with your finances and integrate into your investment, tax, and estate needs. Each of us has unique goals and objectives we wish to achieve, and many are financial in nature. An example would be, how to plan for a second vacation home or your children’s education and of course, when to retire and how much income you need, or better yet, desire in retirement. Numerous public and private investment options, tax reduction, and estate planning strategies exist. Working with a qualified and experienced financial planner will examine your situation and suggest the right strategies to help you reach your goals.


Each government budget brings new strategies and opportunities. The right advisor will keep you updated and informed. A written financial plan can be a source of commitment and inspiration. Regular investment, or paying yourself first can have huge benefits in the future. A financial plan can be a guide for continuity and action to achieve the outcomes desired and incorporates your objectives into the most appropriate opportunities. In addition, we can assist you in what type of account to open and how to consider your personal circumstances, objectives, and risk tolerance. This also ties in with taxation and income splitting. Those with plans are better prepared for financial emergencies and retirement. During a disruption like COVID, a plan can help you keep your strategy in focus and address current challenges. A financial plan will give you the framework for important financial choices and help prevent emotion from corroding that framework during uncertain times. We value the opportunity to discuss the benefits of working with us and learn about your particular needs.


Consider joining us for a discovery meeting and a second opinion. A meet and greet with a Financial Advisor should be an enjoyable and beneficial experience and that is what we guarantee!


Written by Michael & Adam Prittie


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