Faces Readers Name the Top 5 Traits of a Good Husband

For April’s National Husband Appreciation Day, we surveyed our readers and followers to know, what makes a good husband?

Of over 750 responses, that ranged from ‘someone who communicates’ to ‘a good wife, makes a good husband!’, 5 answers were the most common. Not only were the most-voted traits notable, but they can be applied to any partner, relationship, or even friendship.

He Loves You For You

Among the most common answers was unconditional love. According to our survey, a good husband is one who loves you for you, at both your best and your worst. 


“Someone who makes you feel beautiful no matter what day it is, and whether you’re feeling your best or your worst.” Said one respondent.




Many respondents mentioned that a good husband is one that is helpful: that lends a hand on tasks that aren’t their responsibility. 


“A good husband is one who can give 80% when I can only give 20%, so that our household stays at 100%, all the time.” 


Pitching in when things get busy, and always looking for ways to help, are some of the most voted traits for a good husband. 



A husband who is understanding and knows how to compromise takes the top three spot, according to respondents. 


“A man who knows how to compromise. Who is understanding, forgiving, and communicates”.


Compromise doesn’t mean deference, but a good husband (or any partner) knows how to meet in the middle and when to sacrifice. 




A sense of humour is the second best trait for a good husband, say Faces Magazine readers.


“Someone who makes you laugh and reminds you how to have fun.” says one respondent. 


Laughter is the key to enjoying life, and having fun regularly is so important for relationships, both short term and long term.




A supportive husband got the top vote in the survey, and respondents cited many different ways that a husband can be supportive, including supportive during times of crisis or illness, support of aspirations and goals, and daily emotional and mental support. 


“A husband who is kind and supportive even on your bad days. One who listens, and is patient.”

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