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Fall’s 5 Best Luxury SUVs For Driving In Ottawa

The 2020 Navigator now brings more signature features and standard technology to luxury clients.

As we trade our sunny roads to the cottage for sweeping cityscapes coated with fall colours, Faces takes a look at some of the best and sportiest luxury SUV’s 2020 offers for fall and winter driving.


Volvo 2020 XC60

Spacious and sophisticated, the Volvo XC60 is a top pick for city driving. We love the look of this SUV; it seamlessly blends the comforts of a high-end car with all of its modernity. Technology is not missed in this car; the XC60 has all safety driving features available and an integrated dash system that is unique to Volvo.



The 2020 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln made quite an impression with its 2020 Navigator, which has driven the brand right back to its position in the luxury SUV market from which the 2016 Navigator seemed to fall short of. One of 2020’s top-rated SUVs, the Navigator’s completely redesigned interior has received 8/10 ratings from car fans, who have also given a thumbs up to its cargo capacity and towing power. The impressive interior is sporty and carefully thought-out. More than anything, the 2020 Navigator is fun to drive; it’s a lot of luxury balanced tastefully on the pillars of the Lincoln brand.


2020 Lincoln Navigator is one of fall’s best luxury SUVs. Photos courtesy of Lincoln Media Center



2020 BMW X6

The new BMW X6 is different from its classmates; its lines are different, its interior is different, the car (and its X4 cousin) is just a different school of thought altogether. When BMW reimagined its line of compact SUVS a couple of years ago, this was the result. They seemed to fix the kinks that rubbed car buyers the wrong way and, from those ashes, came a sleek, luxury SUV unlike any other. The BMW X6 is spacious without feeling too big. It’s neither boxy nor bubbly. It’s its own breed of head-turner.


If you’re looking to get out of a sports car and into an SUV, but haven’t fully committed to that transition, the BMW X6 will be your best buy yet. It’s sporty, it’s sleek, it’s everything you think you’ll miss, but it brings to the table that luxury SUV driving experience that is perfect for our fall and winter driving demands


Photo Courtesy of BMW Media



2020 QX50 Luxe

The 2020 Infiniti QX50 Luxe is a mid-to-large luxury SUV with impressive all-around features. The 7-seater sports a V6 engine with 295 horsepower and plenty of storage space with its collapsible seat feature. The interior is finished well, and features standard technology in most luxury vehicles including a luxury audio system, touch screen interface, and four drive modes to suit your style.


Photo Courtesy of Infiniti Media



Range Rover SVAutobiography

The Autobiography is Range Rover’s top-of-the-line, in a league of its own. With an incredible 557 horsepower, there is no question that the Autobiography will outrun whatever you’re stepping out of to get in it. The interior, with its hot-stone massage seats for both front and back, is reminiscent of its Bentley and Maybach counterparts; boasting comfort, style and class.


Photo Courtesy of Range Rover Media