The 5 Best Modded Cars From Ottawa’s Weekly Car Showcase

Every week, we share some of the best modded cars in Ottawa.
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Photos courtesy of the respective owners.
Rocket Bunny
Owner: Ryan Dennis
Make, Model: 1990 Mazda Miata
Mods: BC Coil-overs, Rocket Bunny widebody kit, Rota Grid classic wheels, cold air intake, oil catch can, custom-designed taillights, aftermarket front headlights, full header back exhaust, and a lot more.
What got you interested in cars? “I’m a professional photographer in Ottawa and decided to focus my skills on the automotive culture. I picked the Miata because it’s a small fun car with so much aftermarket support that you can turn them into something special and your own.”
Where is your favourite place to drive in or near Ottawa? “The Hills across the river in Quebec. They’re so much fun.”
Owner: “My name is Ashton, I’m 18 years old.”
Make, Model: 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo
Mods: “I have too many mods to name them all but here’s the most notable. Rebuilt 7mgte motor from the ground up, oversized and higher compression JE forged pistons, upgraded oil pump, 2mm cometic metal head gasket, ARP hardware, upgraded 3″ massive intercooler with 2.5″ piping, large external mounted oil cooler, upgraded ct26-60 trim turbo, full 3″ exhaust, upgraded intake, hks EVC, Apexi SAFC2, HSD coil-overs, work XD9 rims and much more. The Supra is making just around 300whp.”
What got you interested in cars? I chose this car because I love the JDM scene and I like being original. I found this car back in 2017 for 2000$ with a blown motor needing lots of work. It was my first car and my dad helped me do everything I couldn’t on my own. I then rebuilt it over the next three years and finally got it started April 20th and driving May 5th. I have put nearly every dollar I have ever made into this car to get it where it is now and couldn’t be happier with how it all worked out. I now drive the car daily and it has been very good to me aside from a few breakdowns. My dad taught me that if you take care of your machine, it will take care of you and that’s something I now live by.
Where is your favourite place to drive in or near Ottawa? I show off the car as much as I can, and my Instagram handle is @mk3_Supraa for more pics.
Wrapped 350z
Owner: Chris Demers
Make, Model: 2003 Nissan 350z
Specs and Mods: Esr sr01 18×9.5, Cooper rs3-g1, 225/40 F 245/40 R, Manga flow streetcar back, test pipes, Top Secret diffuser, OEM Nismo v3 Bumper, a few bolt ons, 5/16ths, Z1 Plenum spacer, Stage 2 race clutch
Why’d you choose this car? “I chose this car because for the price you get a drift car with lots of power and is fun!”
Where’s your favourite place to drive in Ottawa? “Love driving on highways and windy roads near downtown!”


300zx Signed By “Jesse” From Fast And Furious

Owner: Matt

Make, Model: 1988 Nissan 300ZX Turbo
Specs and Mods: The car is powered by a 3.0L V6 Turbo motor, sitting on Powertrix coil-overs and Cosmis Racing XT206R wheels wrapped in Firehawk Indy500 tires. It has a full 3-inch exhaust. The steering wheel was swapped out for an aftermarket wood grain wheel with a quick-release hub. The wheel was signed by Chad Lindbergh AKA Jesse from the first “Fast and Furious” movie. More to come, however, maintenance on the car was more important than modifications.
Why did you choose this car? My reasoning for choosing to own an oddball platform such as the Z31 300ZX (less popular than the more common Z32 300zx produced in the 90s) was because I wanted something no one else around this area owned. Even a few years later there are very few of these cars around. On top of that, the 80s styling combined with the classic T-Top roof and pop-up headlights is just fantastic!
I’ve been interested in cars since I was a kid, and have owned many different ones over the years. Like many people my age, I definitely blame the Fast and Furious movies for introducing this expensive hobby (or should I say lifestyle?) to me.
Where is your favourite place to drive in or near Ottawa? My absolute favorite place to go for a cruise is Tatlock Road, one of the windiest roads in the area while still being nicely paved.




Old School Drop-Down Cadillac 
Owner: Julian Cobisa
Make, Model: It’s a ’68 Cadillac Calais Coupe. It’s was a three-year build with lots of upgrades from the original while keeping it as classy as possible.
Specs and Mods: We’ve left the original motor (472, 7.7litre) as it ran like new but basically did the rest of the car from scratch. The interior is completely new and custom while maintaining the colour scheme of the build. Our embroidery work is featured throughout the car, from seat emblems to floor mats. The only thing untouched in the interior is the dash and headliner. The trunk was a total custom build including hand billeted aluminum, led lights, and more custom embroidered panels. It’s on an airside system that allows it to slam to the ground when parked giving it an awesome stance. At 19 feet long it’s quite the eye-opener and has taken quite a lot of awards at various high-end car shows.
What made you choose this car? “It all started on paper as I was looking for a Cadi to build to what I had in my head. I own an embroidery company that does some crazy designs and work that is outside the box and wanted to showcase our work with the build of the car as well.”


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