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Four on the Floor: Final Bids for the Ottawa Senators Are Now In

The Ottawa Senators list of ownership hopefuls has reportedly been pared down to four groups. Although there’s been nothing officially announced, Postmedia is reporting they are the consortiums led by Michael Andlauer; Steve Apostolopoulos; Mike and Jeff Kimel; and Neko Sparks.


Final offers had to be in to Galatioto Sports Partners by the end of day on Monday (May 15) and purchase offers are said to be hovering near the $1 billion mark, although the last minute withdrawal of The Remington Group and Ryan Reynolds may have softened the market a little. Regardless, the final sale price, whatever it is, will be a massive profit on the $50 million the Senators paid to enter the NHL in 1992. 


So barring the unforeseen, one of the following four groups will be the next owners of the Ottawa Senators (listed in alphabetical order).


Michael Andlauer:

Profile: Founder and chief executive of Andlauer Healthcare Group, helping healthcare manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers in delivering crucial medicine and products. Founder of Bulldog Capital Partners, a Toronto-based merchant bank.

Hockey ties: Minority owner in Montreal Canadiens, current owner of Hamilton Bulldogs. His existing connections within the NHL probably make him the front runner.


Steve Apostolopoulos: 

Profile: Toronto billionaire, attended Harvard and contributes to a wide variety of philanthropic organizations. Managing partner of the real estate firm Triple Group of Companies and founder of the private equity firm Six Ventures.

Sports ties: Tried to buy both the NFL’s Washington Commanders and the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets


Jeff and Mike Kimel:

Profile: The Kimel brothers are founders of Harlo Capital Group, a Toronto-based private equity company identifying and investing in real estate developments across Canada. 

Hockey ties: Former minority owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Celebrity factor: The Weeknd; Former NHL player Wojtek Wolski works in HCG’s investor relations


Neko Sparks:

Profile: Chief technology officer at Pixel Lime, LA-based producer and entrepreneur.

Celebrity factor: Snoop Dogg, possibly The Rock

Wild card: Snoop Dogg confirmed on social media that First Nations groups in Canada have partnered with this bid. Sparks has reportedly left the door open for Ryan Reynolds as well.


Sometime in the next month, the Senators are expected to choose one of them, elevating them to preferred bidder status. It will be interesting to see if actor Ryan Reynolds re-emerges with one of them after his ownership affiliation, The Remington Group, decided to bail on the process last week.


A condition of any sale will be that the team remains in Ottawa.

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