Here are the real odds of winning big on Roll Up The Rim® in Ontario

Tim Hortons’ annual Roll Up the Rim to Win® is a Canadian staple – a sign of spring that has proven to be more reliable than even our weather. It goes hand-in-hand with melting snow – the added bonus of a chance of winning big with our morning coffee to see us through to warmer days. As the cup says, 1 in 6 are winners.

This is true for the food and beverage prizes that Tim’s can instantly redeem. But have you ever wondered what the real odds are of winning one of the 40 Jeep Compass’s or 100 $5,000 prepaid CIBC credit cards? What about the 50,000 $50 Tim’s Cards? After all, just how many of us Tim Hortons lovers are out there?

Here are the real numbers on the bigger prizes (called ‘non-food or drink prizes’) that a cup of coffee can win you in March.

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Over 260 Million Cups are printed, and Ontario Gets 54% of them.

Tim Hortons printed a minimum of 260,027,640 cups for the 2019 Roll Up The Rim To Win® Contest. Given their store locations (and the demands of each), they estimated the distribution of the cups in 5 regions:



Ontario gets approximately 141,437,280 of the 260 million cups, the largest distribution of the 5 regions. That’s a lot of cups.


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The Odds Are The Same For All

Despite having a larger distribution, your chances of winning big on a Roll Up the Rim to Win® cup remain the same.  Tim Hortons estimates a proportionate distribution of their non-coffee or food prizes. So let’s focus on Ontario.


You want to win a car? You’ll have to roll one of 19 lids out of the 141 million cups in Ontario. That’s a .000013% chance. (1 in 7.45 million)


How about $5,000 on a prepaid CIBC credit card? You have a 1 in 2.7 million chance of winning some cash, which is a chance of about .000036%.


Thinking about one of the 504 GT Bicycles from Sportcheck that can be won in Ontario? That’s only a 1 in 280,629 chance, so about 4 people in Ottawa could have new wheels for the spring. (Bike wheels, that is).


And for the least of the best, the $50 Tim’s Card (redeemable right at the store), you have a .018% chance of taking that home. A 1 in 5,602 chance.


You can decide for yourself if these odds are enough to have your hopes high, but either way, Roll Up The Rim has never failed to excite us – whether its the prospect of driving away a winner, getting a free coffee, or just because it marks the end of a long winter.


All information was obtained from the Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim To Win Contest 2019 Rules.


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