Here’s The Most You Should Be Spending on Your Coworkers’ Holiday Gifts, According To A Survey

The holidays are right around the corner and, with most workplaces being remote, a holiday gift exchange is one of the best ways to connect and celebrate with your colleagues despite.


Most workplaces establish a spending maximum for gifting with coworkers (or a gift rotation, so that everyone gets one and gives one).


If you don’t have that, it can be tricky to guess how much you should spend. You don’t want to be caught as an outlier on either end.


According to a MIC survey, most (73%) of people spend $25 or less. While $5 is a bit too little, anywhere in between $10 and $25 is the usual standard.


Whatever you do, don’t be the one to bring something too expensive to the secret Santa, as it can be seen as ‘trying to show off’, according to the survey.

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