How To Not Kill Your Plants This Winter

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This time of year is hard enough on us, imagine how it is on your little green friends.

There’s less sun, your plants need to come inside and the air in your apartment is getting dryer by the day. It’s a cold case we all know well. Wilted, brown leaves and no answers to be found. Was it the light? Should you have used different soil? Did you water it enough? Too much? We compiled a list of tips you should keep in mind as you attempt to not kill your plant.

Go easy with the water

We love our plants so much, it’s hard not to give them a little too much love. Well, too much water is a plant’s worst enemy. Read up on how much water your plant needs and set a watering schedule.

Buy an indoor UV light

The lack of sun is just as hard on our plants as it is on us. You can purchase a cheap UV light on Amazon to help give your plant friends a little boost.

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Maintain a steady temperature

A steady temperature is great for plants. Try and keep your home at a set temperature so you don’t overwhelm your plants.


Fertilizer is great for house plants. Most fertilizers can be used once or twice a month. It’s a good way to give your plants a little treat to help boost their spirits.


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Move plants away from cold air

Some of us have a vent or window that lets in a nasty draft. If you do, then keep your plant far from it. The cold air is harsh on plants and we need to keep them warm this winter.

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