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Inside Fall’s Best Luxury SUVs: The 2020 Lincoln Navigator

The 2020 Navigator now brings more signature features and standard technology to luxury clients.


Lincoln made quite an impression with its 2020 Navigator, which has driven the brand right back to its position in the luxury SUV market from which the 2016 Navigtor seemed to fall short of.


One of 2020’s top-rated SUVs, the Navigator’s completely redesigned interior has received 8/10 ratings from car fans, who have also given a thumbs up to its cargo capacity and towing power.


The 2020 Lincoln Navigator is one of fall’s best luxury SUVs. Photos courtesy of Lincoln Media Center


The impressive interior is sporty and carefully thought-out. More than anything, the 2020 Navigator is fun to drive; it’s a lot of luxury balanced tastefully on the pillars of the Lincoln brand.


Photos courtesy of Lincoln Media Center


Starting at about $85,000, the 2020 Navigator is one of the biggest and baddest luxury SUVs on the road, perfect for fall driving in the Capital.

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