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Is It Time For A Kitchen Reno?

Luxury home interior boasts amazing white kitchen with custom white shaker cabinets, endless marble topped kitchen island and stainless steel appliances over wide planked hardwood floor.

Why should you take the plunge, and update your kitchen? For starters, research from the OECD estimates that you will spend over 38,003 hours of your life eating. That’s a lot of kitchen time. The way you feel about your kitchen is important, too; studies have linked our perception of our kitchen to our ability to keep on track with meal plans and diets.

So how do you know when it’s time to invest in a reno? Ask yourself these 4 questions to help decide.

Have your countertops run their course?

No matter how much you scrub, your counter never looks clean. The colour has faded, there are cracks in the grout, or maybe you just don’t like the outdated look anymore. Well-maintained solid surface and laminate countertops last for 10-20 years. If they are older than that, it is likely time for an update to give your kitchen a sleeker look.
HGTV’s tip: granite is a top choice for most homeowners as it provides a durable surface while adding to your kitchen’s value, and will last you the rest of your lifetime.

Is your kitchen functional?

Feeling relaxed and organized in your kitchen is important. Everything should have its own place. Do you have to scramble to find space to prepare a meal? Are small appliances taking up too much room on the counter? Is it a struggle to put groceries away in the pantry?If this sounds familiar, Interior Designer Kim Neilson suggests taking inventory of what you have and how much room you need to store it. If you just have clutter, get rid of it. But if your kitchen truly lacks storage space, it’s time to expand.

Is the layout practical?

A common complaint from people about their kitchen is that the space is just too closed off. Older kitchens were structured more privately, while modern layouts have an open concept to connect the kitchen with dining and living rooms. The American Institution of Architects say an open kitchen keeps the family in touch by integrating meal prep with nearby activities, and increases natural daylight by eliminating walls. This also creates a great entertainment space, and gives room to have more than one cook in the kitchen. If the layout of your kitchen doesn’t suit your needs, busting down a wall could help tailor the space to your family and lifestyle.

Do you feel good in your kitchen?

How you feel when you spend time in your kitchen is directly affected by the lighting. A kitchen must be properly lit to benefit tasks, ambience, and decor. Lighting expert, Randall Whitehead, explains how often times people will just accept the lighting in their kitchens and won’t think about changing it to improve the space. However, if you are someone who enjoys entertaining, the lighting in your kitchen is crucial to the vibe of your entire home. If you have settled for the lighting that was there when you moved in, adding under cabinet lights, pot lights or pendant lights can be a super easy way to transform the mood in the room.

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