Is NYE An Overrated Holiday? 3 Reasons Why Some Like This Holiday Least

Like birthdays, New Year’s Eve is a night that not everyone looks forward to, despite what modern-day marketing may tell you about the glitzy holiday. Why is it that some altogether dislike NYE? We dove deep into the world of forums and surveys to get a closer look at the argument against NYE.


It Comes with Expectations 

Even introverts recognize that NYE shouldn’t be spent alone, and that’s exactly why it’s overrated. For people who generally enjoy solitude over a crowded room, NYE seems to put undue pressure on everyone to go out. As one forum contributor expressed, ‘After a year of avoiding big parties, New Year’s Eve is the final frontier’.

That’s not to say that everyone hates a good NYE party. But it can come with serious expectations as to the extent of your celebration. And for many, that’s just an uncomfortable pressure.

It’s During a Busy Time

Others point out that NYE usually follows a busy holiday season. After a week of gatherings, dinner, and family, the last thing most want to do is head out for more socializing. Still, not everyone feels this way. But NYE does seem to creep up fast every year.

It Signals Change

Even if you’re a fan of extravagant NYE parties and crowds, one thing most agree on is that NYE represents the passing of another year. While it’s exciting, and a chance to start fresh, it can also be daunting to say the least. The passing of a year can brings up memories of all that we’re leaving behind. While the reflection can be positive or negative, some feel it is altogether unnecessary. As one contributor pointed out, ‘You don’t need a special day to bring out the best in you or to change your lifestyle. Change of habits and way of living is a gradual process not an overnight spree.”

Or, to put it another way:

“When your odometer is about to go from 99999 to 00000, would you party all night and possibly get drunk? Of course not. Then why do we do the same thing when our calendar is about to go from 12/31 to 01/01?”

Whether you love or hate NYE, we wish you the best in the year ahead.

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