A Look At 2021’s Most Popular Trends

In a year of changing dine-in and shopping restrictions, hybrid events, and lots of Netflix, it’s safe to say that Fashion trends took a back seat in favour of home, food, and entertainment. As 2021 draws to a close, here’s a look at some of the biggest trends to hit Ottawa this year.


Squid Games 

Squid games debuted in September 2021. It became a global phenomenon almost overnight. Within two months of its release, it became the most-watched series/ movie released on Netflix to this day. Within the first 28 days of being released, it reached over 111 million fans. The show blew up on social media, too: it gave way to a completely new meme culture. The hashtag #SquidGames was viewed over 22.8 billion times on TikTok.


The shows iconic tracksuit and mask was also one of the most popular Halloween costumes on Instagram.


TikTok Tutorials

Tiktok surpassed Facebook for younger social media users in 2019, and in 2021, TikTok has reportedly become the most downloaded app of the year, with over 745.9 million installs.

The app isn’t just for dancing; it’s actually become a valuable way to share information. TikTok Tutorials were the highlight of 2021, in the food, beauty, and even trades worlds. When it comes to food trends, we now turn to TikTok when we are looking for something new to cook up for the family. We’ve heard of the Feta Pasta, and the Tortilla Trend, however, a new trend has surfaced and that is the Salmon Rice dish by Emily Mariko. The TikTok foodie made her debut by sharing her simple recipe created by leftovers. From this, she has generated over 8.1 million followers and over 256 million likes. The key to TikTok Tutorials is their simplicity.

Earlier in the year, TikToker @simplelifeehacks shared a cleaning hack that had gone viral; how to remove grease strains from Tupperware. This tip quickly spread and reached over 11.6M and nearly 1M likes. With this, everyone started picking those food containers at the bottom of their drawers and brought their containers back to life.

We were also introduced to Erika Kullberg, who posts easy money tricks for everyone. She quickly went viral when she showed her followers how to save money when buying a diamond ring, how to get a free pair of Nike shoes, or how to get a new pair of Lululemon’s.  By sharing her knowledge, she has generated over 6.6M followers and over 35.6M likes on TikTok.


Tim Biebs

In late November, Tim Hortons partnered with superstar Justin Bieber in the making of 3 new Timbit flavours: chocolate white fudge, sour cream chocolate chip, and birthday cake waffle.


On its debut, demand quickly exceeded the supply and had people driving away empty-handed, as Merch and food supplies quickly sold out.


TimBiebs merch was so popular that it created a resellers market for everything TimBiebs, including the box. A Mississauga man published on Facebook Marketplace that he was selling the TimBiebs boxes (crumbs included) for $5,000.



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