Looking To Explore Photography? Here’s How Henry’s Ottawa Makes It Easy To Do

Budding photography enthusiasts look no further: this staple Canadian brand is a one stop shop when it comes to content creation. Chances are that if you’re into videography or photography, then you already know about Henry’s, which has been one of the most prominent destinations in Canada for content creation tech and gear since 1909.


If you’re just learning the ropes of creating digital or film content, Henry’s offers a wide range of tech to suit your needs and goals, along with workshops, classes, and seminars to help you as you explore your new passion projects. In a time when passions can turn into side income with the right resources, there’s never been a better moment to try something new in your spare time. 


Making the switch from taking photos on your phone to a DSLR or mirrorless camera can be daunting to a newbie in the photography world, but with ample resources available through Henry’s latest intro campaign, it can be an easy transition. One of the major benefits of sourcing your equipment from a professional content tech destination rather than second hand or from a big box store is the availability of expert advice. 

Seasoned pro’s already know that Henry’s is the destination for gear, but their online store now also offers helpful tips and tricks for elevating your work and stepping outside of your creative comfort zone. Whether you’re a podcaster, vlogger, photographer, or mobile creator, the latest resources are at your fingertips.


Henry’s has 2 locations in Ottawa: 267 Bank St, and their Kanata location at 501 Hazeldean Rd.

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