McAllister Dentistry is Helping Patients Love Their Smiles

The respected Dr. McAllister, one of Ottawa’s premiere cosmetic dentists, has earned a whopping 175 five-star Google reviews for being both a master of her craft and a confidante to her patients. Further, her practice, McAllister Dentistry, was recently voted Top Choice Dental Clinic in the Ottawa area.

The sunny, Alta Vista-raised blonde attended The University of Ottawa, where she studied Biomedical Science with a minor in Psychology. It’s a co-discipline reflecting her twin interests in the medical and the personal. “My background in science has allowed me to excel in the technical aspects of my job; my psychology background has helped me to understand the people that I serve,” explains Dr. McAllister. “I always take the time to understand my patients’ unique needs to create individualized treatment plans for each one of them. This is particularly true when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. It’s important to have a thorough discussion with my patients to appreciate what they would like to improve. My goal is always to help people feel comfortable, confident, and proud to show off their new smiles.” 



Before setting up her own practice, Dr. McAllister paid her dues as an associate at other dental offices. There, she learned the best practices she would institute when she set out to fly solo. She has been a dentist in Ottawa for the past twelve years. “When I opened my own clinic, my goal was to create a unique, boutique-style space that didn’t make it feel like you were going to the dentist. I designed and built the clinic from the ground up, along with an architect and a commercial contractor. There were many logistics involved including city permits, planning, and construction costs. Ultimately, I am very proud of the space we have built and the environment we have created.”   


Not to mention her dedicated staff; another point of pride. “Our team is the core of our practice,” Dr. McAllister maintains. “We have a team that is very knowledgeable but also compassionate and understanding. It’s important that we work well together as a cohesive team to best serve our patients.”



That service includes customized treatment plans, based on each individual’s unique wants and needs. After an initial consult, patients meet one-on-one with their dentist to review all treatment options. Records are then taken, including a digital scan, photos from all angles, even videos documenting and recording the patient’s “smile journey.”  


For this and other procedures, Dr. McAllister and her team use top-of-the-line equipment and resources, including Digital Smile Design, a platform capable of demonstrating exactly what one’s new teeth will look like before the patient officially commits to treatment. Patients are also privy to 3D scans of their teeth, and to immediate Before and After views of Invisalign applications on the office’s iTero scanner, a device that produces colourized images of dental and orthodontic treatments. “Our position is that ‘seeing is believing,’” says Dr. McAllister. “We want our patients to truly understand all of the treatment options.”


Another way McAllister Dentistry extends itself to its clients is the premium it places on comfort. McAllister Dentistry, located at 2016 Ogilvie Rd., Unit 3, is not a conventional dental office. Don’t venture to your initial consultation expecting bad lighting, uncomfortable seating, and icy personnel. Nor will you catch glimpses of visibly uncomfortable patients. In fact, you might think that you accidentally walked into a spa. “We put patients at ease by offering them all the comforts of home,” Dr. McAllister explains. “They are welcomed by our receptionist and given a list of items to choose from during their visit, including complimentary drinks, neck pillows, blankets, and even Netflix to watch while they are in the chair.”



As for the future, Dr. McAllister and her husband, who already have a much-loved daughter, are expecting a son. Meanwhile, they’ll be busy continuing to expand their long list of cosmetic dentistry services, including the aforementioned Invisalign, Zoom teeth whitening, veneers, therapeutic Botox, and complete smile makeovers.


Dr. McAllister encourages prospective patients to view a sample of her many smile transformations on Instagram @mcallister.dentistry. In addition, patients can book a virtual or in-person consultation directly on the practice’s website at  Dr. McAllister looks forward to meeting you. 


“We can’t wait to help you love your smile.”

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