Music Can Be As Addicting As Fast Food, Money, or Alcohol, says New Montreal-Based Study

A new study from the University of McGill has shown that the brain responds to music in the same way that it responds to other facets of our lives that are considered to be addictive.


We all know that blasting our favourite music can boost our mood, motivation, or energy. But the study found that the way in which this happens follows the same pattern as addictive items like fast food, money, and alcohol. 


The study showed that when we listen to good music (whatever we consider that to be) our reward centers, located in the Nucleus Accumbens, are triggered. In response, the brain releases dopamine. This same brain area and its response is responsible for what behavioural scientists call our addictive urges.


So, for better or for worse, we can be addicted to music and the rush it gives us. In today’s current lockdown, it’s certainly not a bad way to help boost our mood and motivation.