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Norm MacDonald Has Been Nominated For An Induction Into The Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame

The re-introduced Canadian Comedy Hall of Fame has announced 2022 nominees for induction, and among them is Norm MacDonald.


The list includes  legends of Canadian comedy in three categories: Legacy, Creator and Performer.  The full list of nominees include:

Nominated as Legacy (2 to be voted in)  

  1. Oliver Guimond  
  2. Mordecai Richler  
  3. The Happy Gang  
  4. The cast of Wayne & Shuster  
  5. Beatrice Lillie  
  6. Mack Sennett  

Nominated as creators (5 to be voted in)  

  1. Mark Breslin/Yuk Yuks 
  2. Sandra Faire
  3. Keith Johnstone/Loose Moose Theatre
  4. Robert Gravel and Yvon Leduc/ Ligue Nationale d’Improvisation
  5. Ivan Reitman
  6. Andy Nulman/Bruce Hills, the Just For Laughs Festival
  7. Jo-Anna Downey – Comedian/Open Mic impresario
  8. Andrew Alexander/The Second City
  9. Lorne Michaels

Nominated as performers (10 to be voted in)  

  1. Norm MacDonald 
  2. Mike MacDonald
  3. The Cast of SCTV
  4. The Cast of CODCO
  5. Steve Smith
  6. Rose Oulette
  7. Catherine O’Hara
  8. Mort Sahl
  9. Elvira Kurt
  10. Michael J. Fox
  11. Al Waxman
  12. Phil Hartman
  13. Leslie Nielsen
  14. David Steinberg
  15. Dan Aykroyd

The CCHoF will announce the winners July 1st, 2022. They will be inducted in a special ceremony slated for November. 

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