Ottawa Was Just Ranked the Best Canadian City for Work-Life Balance


With the rise in public popularity for changes like the 4-day work week, and more employers opting for remote positions following pandemic pivots, work-life balance has become an increasingly emphasized topic in the Canadian workplace. Now, more than ever it seems, employees across Canada are prioritizing their life outside of the office, recognizing after two years of isolation that free time is meant to be valued and utilized.


Well, there’s good news for Ottawa’s working population, as according to the Kisi Work-Life Balance Index, Ottawa ranked seventh worldwide for best work-life balance, with Vancouver and Toronto sitting at 16th and 19th respectively. Experts at Kisi considered factors such as work intensity, city liveability, healthcare coverage, and access to green spaces––along with nearly 130 other indicators.


Each Canadian city on the list ranked relatively high for their parental leave policy, and sit comfortably in the top 20 due to low unemployment and overwork rates. Despite these successes in upholding work-life balance, Canada saw an overall drop in placement on the list due to a lack of affordability in our city centers, contributing to longer travel times for employees which affects the overall score of each city. Despite inflation affecting daily expenses, employers are more focused than ever on finding candidates to fill their open positions, as Canadian’s are prioritizing work-life balance over salary according to a 2021 survey by ADP Canada.

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