Ottawa’s Red Rooster Golf Has The Glove Game Well in Hand

“Most golfers have a toxic relationship with gloves,” explains Kerry Moher, the outdoorsy entrepreneur behind Red Rooster Golf. “You often need a new glove at the last minute. You end up paying too much for it. Then, you feel bad about the purchase. All of a sudden, that glove owes you!”


It’s an all-too-common dilemma. While golfers spend top dollar on woods, irons, and other essentials, they dramatically shortchange themselves when it comes to improving their grip, accommodating arthritis, or keeping their hands warm. 


It’s also because of an inherent suspicion of the product. The majority of golf gloves lack in quality; their synthetic makeup or degradable leather feels less like a second skin and more like a distracting discomfort. But Red Rooster is restoring the reputation of the golf glove. Its sleek, eye-catching, and game-enhancing product line is ensuring that golfers across Canada and the U.S. never lack for a quality fit.  


Red Rooster Golf launched like a 280+ yard mark drive. It began via a Kickstart campaign in 2021. In no time, the company, co-founded by Moher and PGA Tour pro Brad Fritsch, had amassed over a thousand backers and close to $100,000. By 2022, it had sold over 20,000 gloves. Three months into 2023, Red Rooster has grown more than 300%.  




What’s prompted club-wielding Ontarians, Floridians, Texans, and other North Americans to suddenly realize the importance of stylish, dependable gloves? 


  “There’s a lot that differentiates our gloves from others,” explains Moher. “The grade of the leather, its thickness, and the application of stitching and elastics to incorporate materials like spandex and nylon, which enhance the fit and feel.”


About that first feature: Red Rooster uses only Cabretta leather. It’s a sheepskin that’s as comfortable as it is durable, ameliorating the golfer’s touch. And it’s renowned for its moisture-resistant properties, allowing the glove to stay pliable over repeated use.  


Granted, no glove lasts forever. That’s why Red Rooster sells its products through a subscription model. Consumers have the flexibility to choose colours, accents, and other elements—not to mention the all-important option of a customized fit.  “Sizing is critical,” Moher emphasizes. “Most retailers can’t match our deep sizing inventory. We currently offer up to 34 sizes. Once a golfer gets a proper fit, they know where to find more.” And at a reasonable cost—the company’s unique selling model, with gloves shipped monthly to the buyer’s doorstep, sees to that. “We wanted to eliminate the extra expense and complexity of retail distribution,” says Moher. “We pass those savings along to our customers and to young golfers learning the game for the first time.”



Those up-and-coming golfers are members of Red Rooster’s popular “Play It Forward” program. For every glove the company sells, one is generously donated to youth golf, through program partners First Tee Triangle, First Tee Ontario, and the Kevin Haime Golf Centre. 


And when you consider the volume of Red Rooster’s sales, the company’s contribution to the next generation of golf nuts is considerable. 


Kids aren’t the only ones thrilled to get Red Rooster’s gloves. Adult golfers are raving about them too. And why wouldn’t they? After all, it was a pro who helped launch the company. Back in 2021, Moher’s partner, the aforementioned Fritsch, had just shot 64 in a Monday Qualifier at The Memorial (Jack Nicklaus’ tournament)—yet he didn’t get into the field. Deflated, he turned to best friend Moher, sharing preliminary thoughts about an alternate career. The egg that contained Red Rooster began to hatch. As for the name, that took a little longer. “We tried all kinds of different ‘golfisms’ for the brand,” Moher reflects. “There are a ton of small golf brands. Most of them are pretty forgettable. 


We didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle.” So, Moher went the eponymous route. “I’ve got a big family but I’m the only redhead. My dad used to call me ‘The Red Rooster’ growing up. Brad and I felt that ‘Red Rooster Golf’ stood out.” 


Red Rooster Golf the company is certainly poised to stand out: soon, it’ll be rolling out a new selection of seasonal designs. And the company is collaborating with other brands on co-branded golf products. Meanwhile, Moher (who also runs the Ottawa-based axe-throwing interest Lumberjaxe) and Fritsch will be hard at work improving their flagship product. “We make small tweaks to every production run,” says Moher. “It’s just like our golf game: there’s always room to improve.”

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