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Meal Prep Ottawa: Quality Ingredients, Flexible Menus, and Delivery To Your Door

In just five years, Meal Prep Ottawa has grown from a small service with 1 employee, to a large-scale operation with over 20 team members, and a client base across the Capital Region.


Meal Prep and Meal Delivery services are increasingly popular, and an easy choice for busy professionals, says owner Denis Analytis. “It’s not just the time, it’s the cost-savings, too. When you consider how much food you throw out at the end of a week, that adds up.” On average, family households in Canada waste up to 79kg (174lbs) of food yearly.


Meal Prep Ottawa has become Ottawa’s largest locally-owned delivery service in just five years. When it comes to food, their values are hard to disagree with: quality, flexibility, and of course, simplicity. 


The MPO Team preparing meals for their Sunday delivery. MPO offers delivery of weekly meals on Wednesdays and Sundays.



Quality Ingredients

Meal Prep Ottawa’s model makes it easy to eat clean. Their team of professional chefs prepare weekly meals that always use unprocessed, GMO-Free ingredients. All of their meal plans are gluten-free. They also use 90% lean or greater meats, so you get more protein per calorie.


Lemon Drop Ginger Salad (left) and Steak Salad with Maple Vinaigrette (right)


Menus For Every Lifestyle

Meal Prep Ottawa’s clients don’t fit a certain mold: their service is for anyone who wants to eat better, save time, and save money. “Some of our clients use us as part of a health and fitness regime, but most are working professionals with families, who want more time for themselves. They want to use their time for other things, rather than preparing, planning, shopping… they’ve found that our service is a good fit for their busy lives.”


Meal Prep Ottawa’s Head Chef, Tu.


Meal Prep Ottawa also offers family-sized meals, breakfasts, and an array of last-minute options at their store and facility in Nepean.

Mixed Grill Plate


Biweekly Delivery, To Your Door

All meals are cooked one day prior to delivery, which follows a biweekly schedule (every Wednesday and Sunday). You don’t need to be home for the delivery: meals are packed in insulated bags with ice packs to ensure that your meals stay cold.


Meal Prep Ottawa owner, Denis Analytis



Visit to view their menu options and for more information.



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