Over 100 Vehicles Are Stolen Every Month In Ottawa, And This SUV Is The Most Common

Since 2023 began, over 300 vehicles have been stolen in Ottawa. Vehicle theft has risen sharply since the began disrupted automotive supply chains, creating a high demand for black market cars in other countries. Today, almost every single person in Eastern Ontario knows someone whose car has been stolen. Recoveries of stolen vehicles happen just under 1 in 3 times (or 20 to 30 percent), according to a quote from Detective Douglas Belanger of The Ottawa Police Service Organized Crime Section in a CTV News article this month. 


The Ottawa Police Service has shared data on the Theft of Vehicles in Ottawa in 2023 so far. Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators top the list as the most common vehicle stolen, with a whopping 66 vehicles reported stolen, roughly 20 a month. Next on the list was the Toyota Highlander (49 vehicles), then Honda CRVs (45) and Dodge Rams (31).


Durangos, Acuras, Tacomas and Lexus SUVs were also on the list, which recorded figures up to April 11th.


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