Set in Stone: Euro Tile & Stone Celebrates 37 Years in Ottawa

A life-size mosaic replica of Michelangelo's Davide welcomes you to Euro Tile & Stone's Ottawa showroom. This dramatic statue was built over 6 weeks by 12 sculptors from Decors-3D - a group that has done work for Cirque de Soleil and The Sochi Olympic Games - using over 360,000 micro-mosaic pieces.

In many hermetic societies, there is a tradition in which members of the up-and-coming generation are sent out into the greater world. The hope is that there, they will develop outside skills that will serve them in good stead when they return to the fold. 

For Giancarlo Colasanti, that journey was self-propelled. Before returning to the family business, Euro Tile & Stone, he first sought experience in a number of alternative fields. As tradition would have it, the talents he acquired in those capacities inspired him to refine and expand what his hard-working parents had founded.

Quinessenza Ceramiche Maria Restaurant


In 1987, Ben and Sandra Colasanti established Euro Ceramics. Previously, Ben had been a successful tile contractor frustrated by the lack of product selection and, most of all, the lack of service in Ottawa. Determined to revolutionize the market, he and his wife started importing newer, high-quality tile and stone from Italy, Spain, and Portugal with a focus on providing the best service and experience possible. Since that time, this specialized service has grown into Euro Tile & Stone, a thriving, fast-growing and trusted company with four locations across Eastern Canada, countless satisfied clients, and several high-profile projects in its portfolio.

Before the company started opening new locations, Giancarlo was acquiring an extensive, hands-on education. He developed his own mobile app during his university years before enjoying immersion in the worlds of art, fashion, and banking. Reflecting on these experiences, he shares that his stint in tech taught him how to connect with consumer needs; the internship at the prestigious Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, the highest level of prestige; his work for an e-commerce fashion agency in Milan the finer points of leadership; and his tenure at RBC how to implement structures, organize teams, and problem solve.

Fully equipped to take the family business to new heights, Colasanti reunited with the loyal employees, suppliers, and clients in whose company he and his sister Mattia had grown up.

An impressive slab of porcelain from Euro Tile & Stone’s Sense Up Collection stands in The Hawthorne Road Showroom.


Giancarlo’s guiding philosophy honours the customer-focused tenets of his parents. “Our process begins with understanding the client’s vision and objectives,” he explains. “We offer unique and exclusive products curated from around the world, ensuring that our clients have access to the latest trends and highest quality materials. After all, our products are the foundation of their space, helping to create an atmosphere that can influence their mood, happiness, and productivity.” 

When asked for his best advice to anyone starting a new design project, Giancarlo, who describes his own experience as a myriad of lessons from parents, past bosses and international endeavours, shares:  

Euro Tile & Stone’s COO Giancarlo Colastani.


“My advice is to prioritize quality, reliability, and communication. Understand what your goals are, how you’ll interact with the space or products you’re contemplating. When designing a kitchen, for example, I’m often asked about materials. My first questions are do you cook a lot? Do you live in your kitchen like I do? Then you probably want low maintenance tile floors and a durable countertop like porcelain, rather than something that stains easily like marble or quartz”.

For a better taste of the endless variety of floors, wall coverings, countertops, and sinks the well-stocked company offers to both residential and commercial customers, Ottawans are privy to an impressive showroom on Hawthorne Road. 

There, visitors are “greeted” by a life-size, micro-mosaic replica of Michelangelo’s iconic Davide, before being invited to explore the vast collections of luxury brand materials and engage with the space’s approachable, well-informed consultants. The company also has an Outlet in Ottawa, a showroom in Toronto and a design office in Montreal, part of an ambitious expansion plan. “We felt it was long overdue to provide these regions with the Euro Tile & Stone experience, our unique product offerings and our attention to detail and service,” he states. “By expanding our presence, we can provide faster delivery times, reduce shipping costs, and offer localized support. Despite these being highly competitive markets, we’ve been blown away with the positive reception we’ve received.” 

And the company is still growing. They’ve just launched a new ERP and CRM system, are busy planning a 120,000-square-foot distribution centre to support all of its locations, and are exploring additional opportunities for expansion. A celebration is in the works, too: Soon, Euro Tile & Stone will be commemorating 37 years in business, a milestone of which Colasanti is particularly proud. “It’s a reflection of the vision, perseverance, and dedication of my parents,” he shares. “Their determination to expand product offerings and enhance the client experience laid the foundation for Euro Tile & Stone’s longevity. It also signifies a responsibility my sister, Mattia, and I share to keep to those principles in place as we plan for the future”.


Euro Tile & Stone’s team of design consultants guide clients through all phases of their design project.

Built on Solid Rock: Euro Tile & Stone’s flagship showroom on Hawthorne Road.

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