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Shaken, Not Stirred – Martinis Have More Antioxidant Properties When Shaken

James Bond’s famous line may not be just a well-timed script-read with a spot in action movie history: shaken martinis are observed to be superior to stirred varieties in their antioxidant properties.


It comes from a study done by Canadian researchers, who found that shaken martinis more effectively deactivated hydrogen peroxide, boosting their antioxidant properties, than stirred ones.


When people talk of the health benefits of having a drink a day (like a glass of wine per day lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease), they are typically referring to the antioxidant properties of the ingredients. Wine scores high in this department, but hard alcohol shouldn’t be excluded: tequila and brandy are some of the ‘healthiest’ liquors on this scale.


What’s interesting about martinis is that their two biggest ingredients contain antioxidants, but more so when mixed together. AKA, Gin and Vermouth team up to create a powerful antioxidant duo that scores higher than the two ingredients on their own.


So, mixing a martini actually raises the drink’s antioxidant properties, and more so when it’s shaken, not stirred.


James Bond is an icon for his suave lifestyle, but now we can almost safely call him a health-conscious agent of justice. “Shocking. Positively shocking.”



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