The Top 5 Gifts People Hate To Receive

It’s the thought that counts, we know. And that’s why many people have no idea what gifts others don’t want to receive – because in reality, most are grateful for any gift.


And still, a Consumer Reports poll took a look at what our least favourite holiday gifts are, and it’s undecidedly surprising that they are very common ones.


#5 Kitchen Items

Kitchen items are a common gift, simply because they’re made for a common area of our lives that can be spiced up with gadgets and gizmos, and gifted by friends and family. Many people don’t want to gift others for their bathrooms or bedrooms, so kitchens are pretty safe.


The problem is, most kitchen gadgets are just that, gadgets, and many people just don’t spend enough time in the kitchen to get into cooking luxuries, like juicers, or star-shaped ice cubes.


That’s why 7% of survey respondents voted kitchen gadgets as their least favourite gift to receive.


#4 Books

Going back to the argument of the time, when’s the last time you had time to read a good book? Even if you’re an avid reader, your reading time is precious. Considering that there are over 200,000 new titles released in North America every, year, you simply can’t afford to waste your time reading a book you don’t want to. And that’s why books as gifts are risky; when we have time to read, it’s usually safer to pick the titles ourselves.


Over 8% of survey respondents chose books as their least favourite gift to receive.


#3 Home Decor

Candles, picture frames, and lettered signs are among what 13% of survey respondents deemed ‘the worst’ of gifts. Here’s why: generally those who truly love home decor don’t just love the final product of decorating: they love the experience of shopping, imagining, and planning their home decor. With limited real estate (no pun intended), that means that decor-lovers meticulously plan every sign and scent in their home, and a gift can sometimes not fit into that plan. Instead, buy the decorator on your list a gift card to their favourite outlet.


#2 Flowers/Plants

A common gift for holidays, flowers & plants look pretty, but require some maintenance, and oftentimes that means the gift is short-lived. That’s why a whopping 23% of survey respondents said that flowers and plants just aren’t that fun to receive.


#1 Spirits

A bottle of liquor with a bow seems to be the most unliked gift of them all. Why? Probably because hard alcohol is very, very subjective – most people have a favourite, and almost can’t enjoy drinking anything else. Most people opt for wine, coolers or ciders for relaxing or for dinner parties, too. While some may disagree, over 25% of survey respondents said ‘no thanks’ to a bottle of booze for the holidays.

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