Sleepwell Property Management Comprehensive, Care-Free Investing & Managing

The company’s name is Sleepwell Property Management—but its range of services goes well beyond that. Where once the company’s reputation was built on providing a full-service property management experience, from leasing, tenant relations, accounting, maintenance programs, renovations, and capital improvements, now the focus is on taking these skills and applying them to provide an invaluable experience for all real estate needs. Sleepwell has launched a brokerage arm to better accommodate its client base’s potential for growth. With this addition, Sleepwell can now offer a truly clients seamless transition from property management to buying and selling.

By venturing into investment management, procurement and divesting, Sleepwell is helping clients not only to enhance the value of their properties but to navigate the frustratingly fluid real estate market. With this addition Sleepwell becomes a one-stop solution, smoothing all speed bumps to create a navigable pathway to acquisition and administration.

As a longstanding property management authority with deep roots in the Ottawa area, Sleepwell’s eye for investment opportunities is well-established. It’s acumen based on an up-to-date knowledge of market trends, periodic inventories of tenant preferences, and a well-honed talent for forecasting.

Photography by: Jessica Thomas

Part of that mix is attributable to cutting-edge technology. Just as Sleepwell prides itself on uncovering the best investments, the company puts its money where its mouth is by making sound, remunerative investments itself, never skimping on the latest conduit to relevant, revelatory real estate data. Sleepwell’s efficient, tech-driven approach enables clients to access pertinent particulars as well as to track property performance with cutting-edge precision.

It’s a commitment to modernization and information that again distinguishes Sleepwell from the pack. As Conrad Pool, Sleepwell’s President, puts it, “We measure success by the satisfaction of our clients and the growth of their investments. That means exceeding expectations, maintaining low vacancy rates, maximizing rental income, and negotiating successful transactions.”

Sleepwell’s client base is just as diverse as the services it offers. It ranges from first-time buyers to seasoned investors. In each case, Sleepwell offers personalized solutions based on the client’s goals and expectations. Novice buyers benefit from Sleepwell’s invaluable insights on the state of the market, while experienced players get expert consultation on the best use of their speculation stipend.    

“We measure success by the satisfaction of our clients and the growth of their investments.”

In the coming years, the company is hoping to offer its comprehensive, progressive approach beyond the boundaries by which it’s made its name, bringing its reputation for enduring, beneficial, and constructive partnerships to wider territory.

“Clients will not only get a trusted partner who can not only manage their properties effectively,” says Pool, “but who can also navigate the intricacies of real estate transactions. It’s that integration that ensures continuity in our relationships.”


Written by: Dan Lalande

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