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The Best (and Worst) Colours To Paint Your Bathroom

Did you know that the average person will spend a year and a half of their lifetime in their bathroom? Besides your kitchen, it’s the one room in your house that you’ll actually visit every day more than once.
Here are today’s best and worst colours to paint your bathroom, according to experts.




Bright Whites

Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, so any dark colours will make the space feel smaller. Dark shades can also distort light, which creates problems for people needing clear light to do their hair and makeup. Clean and bright whites will open the space up. They’re timeless, clean, and work with almost all tiles. Whites on walls can help stains to show more easily. It’s important to choose paints with a washable finish to help ensure that the white stays bright and beautiful.




If you’re daring, then adding black into the mix (with a lighter colour in equal measure) can capture a super modern and trendy look in your bathroom that is crisp and not too overbearing. It will make your tile and fixtures pop, and add some contrast and depth. It’s a look that was one of 2019/2020’s top bathroom trends, and we see why.




If you’re looking for a neutral that isn’t white, is warmer than grey but isn’t brown, grey-blue is a great compromise. It’s airy, but not as light as powder blue, so it’s still tranquil. It’s not overpowering, but it’s still a statement, and makes white accents pop.



Worst: Gold Tones

Goldish yellow or beige is a major commitment for a bathroom, because it doesn’t work with a lot of tiles and finishings. Many designers choose gold-toned beige as their worst choice for bathrooms for this reason.



Olive Greens or Muddy Browns


These two colours will not only make your bathroom smaller, but their very similar in shade to mould and mildew. A few years down the road, it’ll be harder to spot buildup in your bathroom and may lead to problems being caught too late. Creating dark corners will also hide dirt more easily, making it harder to get a thorough clean.


Pantone 448C, a muddy brown shade known “asopaque couché”, was actually voted the world’s “ugliest” colour; proven to dampen mood, according to Time Magazine. After this discovery, cigarette companies like Marlboro actually started printing their packaging in this shade to discourage smoking. If that isn’t enough fair warning to avoid this colour in your bathroom, we don’t know what is.


Red or Orange

Red is an exciting and unique colour to put in your bathroom, but it really only goes with white tile. It’ll also turn dated extremely quick. Research has actually proven that oranges and bright reds are overstimulating to the mind (hence why we see a lot of reds and oranges in fast food). So while the colours may be perfect for the bathroom at your local gym, red and orange walls in your home won’t help to relax you, which is really what you want in your bathroom.





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