The Best Retro Arcade Games That You Forgot All About (That Are Now Apps For Your Phone)

Video games have come a long way since 1972, when Pong became a pop-culture icon and arguably the first video game to achieve mass-appeal among audiences. The simple back-and-forth game still brings nostalgia to many. Now, video games include advanced 4K graphics, virtual reality simulators, and even augmented reality handheld games like Pokemon Go that let you play games within the real world. However, the simplest games are still hard to beat, and those longing for the days when video games were straight forward with a minimal amount of controls can find what they’re looking for without going through the boxes in their grandma’s basement. Here are some retro arcade games you can download on your phone.

Sonic The Hedgehog Classic

This rendition of the arcade classic is slightly different than the original, including upgraded graphics and more levels and interactions that its older predecessor. Get it for free on the app store.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario is one the most known all-time classics to ever hit the screen and the moustached mushroom eater has become a pop culture icon. The iPhone version is free and is similar to the original Gameboy version, but this time your character runs automatically while you jump and interact.

Space Invaders 

Space Invaders is a laid-back strategy game that’s fun to play to unwind. It costs $4.99 on the App Store, and is almost identical to the arcade version – it even has its own joystick and button!


The famous nom-nommer comes back to life, this time with your fingers replacing the joystick for control. It’s free on the App Store.

Pinball Arcade

Pinball is back, but there’s no need to save your quarters in a sock anymore. The App Store offers the game for free, but different skins and levels will cost extra money.

Pacific Wings

Fight in the Pacific with planes from World War 2, upgrade your weapons and skins, and battle for the highest score in this free game.

Breakout: Boost

Breakout Boost is loved for its strategic gameplay and simplicity, similar to pong with computer-generated puzzles to break. It’s free on the App Store as well!

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