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The Dangers of Using a Cracked Phone Screen

So you cracked your phone but don’t want to spend the money to replace it because technically it stills works? Time to rethink that. Other than the obvious, “it looks bad”, here are some dangers that come with using a cracked phone screen.


The glass can cut you

Most, if not all, phones now are touch screen therefore if your screen is cracked you risk the possibility of trying to swipe and instead cutting your fingers. As time goes by glass shards will continue to fall off, leaving pieces in your purse, pocket or other places which can be a huge hazard.


Eye strain

Looking at a normal screen causes plenty of eye strain but when you have a cracked screen you are then adding the difficulty of trying to squint to read texts, articles etc. Eye strain can lead to other problems as well such as headaches and migraines.


It gets worse

Sure for now you’re thinking that you can manage with a broke phone, but as time goes by it will slowly start to lose its functions. When the screen is cracked you’re exposing the internal part of the phone to further damages so eventually it will stop working.


Road hazard

Many of us rely on our phones to get us from A to B by using the built in GPS. If your screen is cracked there is a huge possibility that you have damaged the phone internally as well, meaning that the information you’re getting may not be accurate. If your phone is unable to recognize where you are you could end up on the wrong route.

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